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What can I do to help my weight loss process?

You need to make sure that you drinking at least 1 liter of water before and after each treatment. However, we suggest a gallon. This will help you rid your body of melted fat and toxins.

Do I need to be on a special diet to see better results?

No, it is not required. However, we do recommend that you pair our services with a healthy balanced diet and consistent physical activity to get the most effective results.


I was coming to get treatments, but my health status has changed...what do I do?

Always inform us if you have a change in health status or experience any unusual symptoms during your treatment.


Do I need a prescription from my doctor  to use your services?

No, but please always discuss with your Physician before beginning any new health progam.

Can I get treatments done and be pregnant?


No, we will not perform any treatments on someone who is pregnant.


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